Fine Material Washers

TCI Fine Material Washers (Sand Screws) are engineered to accomplish 3 main functions: Washing, Classification, and Dewatering.

WASHING is accomplished by the turning shaft causing material attrition. This attrition allows deleterious material to be broken up and discharged with the overflow waste water.

CLASSIFICATION is accomplished by adjusting the overflow weir boards to control the waste slurry and meet the desired specification.

DEWATERING is accomplished by conveying the desired material up the inclined tub and allowing water to drain from the product.


  • High-efficiency v-belt drive assembly
  • Adjustable overflow weirs for tight specifications
  • Durable wear parts including AR inner wear liners & bolt-on urethane shoes increase longevity
  • Heavy-duty tub design and construction
  • Shaft speed can be easily changed with sheave adjustment

Drawing - TCI Fine Material Washer - 36"x25'

TCI - Fine Material Washer Capacity Chart

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