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Product Brochure - TCI Conveyors

Radial Stacking Conveyors

TCI portable and stationary stackers are engineered to be the most durable on the market. Our portable conveyors are designed to go from road travel to operational set-up with ease.

Transfer Conveyors

TCI builds transfer conveyors in any length and width. The main frame is a deep truss or channel frame design and we have many options available including a-frame supports in virtually any height.

Stackable Conveyors

Our “Piggyback’s” and Triple Stacked Portable Transfer conveyors offer a great solution for the producer needing more conveyor length in the field. A total of 160’ can be transported on one load of “Piggybacks” and 240’ of Triple Stacked. These conveyors roll on and off with a loader and no crane is required for set up. The units are complete with air brakes, travel lights, mud flaps and are available in widths up to 42”.

Drawing (Transport) - Triple Stack Conveyors
Drawing (Operational) - Triple Stack Conveyors

Diesel (Self-Contained) Conveyors

TCI’s diesel hydraulic conveyors are road portable and electricity needed to run this unit! The 60 gallon fuel tank will easily run a full shift without the need to refuel. Power raise, power travel, power fold, and enlarged hopper are just a few options available on this model.

Floating Conveyors

TCI Floating Conveyors transfer material over water. They are built with a “swivel point” for dredge movement and include a radial-type receiving hopper, head end turn style, head end discharge hood, and catwalk and handrails around the head end and down the drive side of the conveyor.

Barge Loading Conveyors

Barge Load-Out Conveyors serve the aggregate as well as the grain industry. TCI recently built a conveyor (pictured) with “drive-over” truck load-out capabilities. The hopper is underground so trucks can drive over and open their hopper bottoms completely. The conveyor is designed to haul material away as fast as it comes out of the truck. The unit will unload dried distilled grains from truck hoppers at the rate of 17 ton every 1 1/2 minutes. This belt has a capacity of 1400 TPH! An adjustable remote control discharge spout is a unique and effective option on this conveyor.

Tripper Conveyors

The Tripper Conveyor brings the customer more stockpiling capabilities with one conveyor. This unit will make continuous elongated stockpiles and the tripper enables material to be stockpiled inside buildings.

Mast-Type Stackers

Our Mast-Type Radial Stacker is built with a heavy-duty 48” deep truss. It allows for better flexibility with “head end” height and is great for stationary applications and large volume heavy-duty material. The conveyor operates at various angles and reduces segregation and degradation.


TCI offers a wide range of optional features and components to help build you the perfect solution. Let us know how we can quote and build yours!