Applications & Case Studies

Product Brochure - TCI High Frequency Screens


PROBLEM: The customer wanted to increase production of a valuable 6 mesh x 16 mesh product, but was overloading their existing screen.


  • Inserted a self-contained 6x18DD TCI High Frequency Screening Plant (PSB)
  • Screen 3/16" minus feed material on a #6 top deck opening
  • Bottom deck is screened on #16 to clean the product to spec
  • #6 x #16 material is sold and used at professional, collegiate, and high quality park baseball & softball infields & warning tracks
  • Customer was able to double its capacity


PROBLEM: The bottom deck of the customer's horizontal 6x20 triple deck was overloaded and blinding over while taking 1/4" minus crushed limestone and making a clean asphalt overlay chip and premium aglime products.


  • Inserted a 6x18 TCI High Frequency Screen to follow the horizontal screen
  • Screen 1/4" minus feed material on an 8 mesh opening
  • #8 x 1/4" is clean asphalt overlay chip
  • minus #8 is a premium aglime


PROBLEM: Customer needs to take a 5/16" minus and make 3) products from it - asphalt chip, sand, and aglime.


  • Inserted a 6x18 TCI double deck high frequency screen to separate the 5/16" into three products
  • Top deck = 8 mesh opening, bottom deck = 30 mesh opening
  • Top deck overs (#8 x 5/16") is a clean asphalt chip
  • Bottom deck overs (#30 x #8) is manufactured sand
  • Through product (minus #30) is a premium aglime


PROBLEM: Customer needs to make a clean 3/8" asphalt chip without washing, because of difficult access to water and slurry ponds at various locations.


  • Invested in a TCI 6x12 single deck (PTF) portable screening plant
  • 3/8" minus feeds from horizontal screen
  • The TCI high frequency screens the 3/8" minus on a #8 (3/32")
  • Overs (#8 x 3/8") is the customer's in spec asphalt chip
  • Fines (minus #8) is sold as aglime (instead of being washed to a slurry pond)

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